This is a glossary of information and terms used in disc golf.

Flight Numbers


The speed rating means the velocity a disc can cut through the air. Currently rated between 1-13. Typically the faster the disc, the further it can fly when thrown correctly.


Measures the disc’s ability to stay aloft in different speeds. Typically more glide means more meters, especially in flex- and hyzerflip-shots. Rated between 1-7.

High Speed Turn

Describes the disc’s tendency to turn right in the initial part of the flight (when thrown right hand back hand ie. in clockwise rotation). High tendency to turn (max. rating -5) is more suitable for beginners than low (min. rating +1).

Low Speed Fade

Describes the disc’s tendency to hook left at the end of the flight (when thrown right hand back hand ie. in clockwise rotation). Low tendency to fade (rated between 0-5) is more suitable for beginners than high.

Disc Golf Sells Condition Guide

If you are trying to sell a disc golf disc or even if you just want to get it appraised, the more you can say about it the better. Along with a picture one of the most informative pieces of information you can give people is a rating from 0-10.

In disc golf this rating is known as the sleepy scale. The scale looks like this;

10 – Never thrown, no ink, brand new condition
9 – Field tested or used for one or two rounds, usually no ink
8 – Lightly used with very minimal wear, some ink
7 – Used with some minor dings or scuffs but still in good shape
6 – Normal wear for a used disc with the usual dings, scratches but still worthy
5 – Kinda beat, significant wear, has lost a good bit of it’s stability
4 – Beat up turnover disc with some evident war story wear
3 or under – Very abused, not usable, possible dog teeth marks

If you think your disc is rated a 3 or under it is probably not worth selling. A 1 would be a disc with severe damage and no stability. A 2 would be not much better but maybe throwable. A 3 would be barely usable and very under-stable.

I recommend you be conservative when using this scale. The thing is that it will not benefit you to lie. If you sell a disc to a person online and lie about the condition, they will not do business with you again and probably flame you openly making it hard to sell to anyone else as well. Be honest about your ratings but always err on the lower side of the scale.

The sleepy scale is designed to give disc golfers and collectors a quick idea of the condition of a disc without wasting a lot of time. There is a trust that discers give to each other and they deserve respect in return.


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